Iris is just 13 years old but she is mature well beyond her years. She decided to join WINGS’ Youth Program in Petén after watching her mom work as a health promoter, and seeing the hardship many families in her community face. She received training from WINGS and for the last 9 months has been an active reproductive health leader, talking to her peers and sharing information about sexual health and birth control. She shares a bit about her experience:

“I am so happy to be part of the Youth Program. I have learnt a lot about sexual health, birth control and sexually transmitted infections and I feel confident talking to both girls and boys about these topics.
I overcame my fear. I am more confident and I feel proud of myself because I know that I’m helping my peers make smart decisions, to avoid teenage pregnancy and stay in school.
I have 8 brothers and sisters, but I would like to have just 3 children. There are many families here in my community who have 10 children or more and don’t have enough money to pay for food and school. I think it’s important to work with young people and make them aware of their rights and their options before they decide to start a family.
My dream is to become a nurse and help more people in need.”
We are very proud of Iris who is currently leading a vacation reading program for 15 children in her community, motivating them to think and learn and inspiring their imagination.

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