In Guatemala, it is not common for men to get vasectomies. There are many taboos about vasectomies in this country; some men think they will not be able to have sex again, some think they will not be able to have an orgasm again, and many others believe reproductive health and family planning should only be a woman’s responsibility. When a man does get a vasectomy at our clinics, we like to interview them to learn more about their experience.

For the tenth story in our series 15 Stories for our 15th Anniversary, we’d like you to meet 35 year old Daniel, who was born and raised in Guatemala City. He recently moved to Antigua to start a restaurant. Daniel first heard of WINGS through a friend, and he mentioned that it became his only option when considering places to get a vasectomy at. Daniel got his vasectomy at the WINGS clinic in Antigua. Watch this short video interview to learn about why he decided to get a vasectomy and how he learned about reproductive health when he was younger.

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As Daniel said, getting more men involved in reproductive health can be a challenge, but at WINGS, we are already seeing changes. We have many young men in our Empowered Youth groups, we’ve witnessed many men accompanying their wives to our mobile and stationary clinics as a show of support. Just in 2016, 100 men have gotten a vasectomy through WINGS!

We’d like to thank Daniel for opening up about his very personal reasons for choosing not to have children. It is difficult to discuss mental health in a conservative country like Guatemala, where there are many judgments and prejudices surrounding this topic, so we are very grateful to Daniel for trusting us and for his courage to speak up.

Daniel, Selva and Peggy

Daniel and the two girls he’s most passionate about- Peggy and Selva


During the week culminating on October 11th, the International Day of the Girl Child, we ran a special emergency campaign focused on raising funds to empower girls in Guatemala and give them control of their futures. A generous donor offered to match all donations up to $5,000.


We received 28 donations through Generosity platform and numerous checks from supporters who wanted to contribute to the campaign.

We are thrilled to share that after adding up all donations we received through Generosity and checks that were posted to us towards the campaign, we have reached a total of $5,097!!!

After adding the matching funds, we raised $10,097 through this emergency campaign – these funds will help WINGS reach many vulnerable girls in Guatemala and help them take control of their futures.


HUGE thanks to everyone who supported this campaign – you invested in girls in Guatemala and their futures and this is an investment in the society as a whole!