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Build the first stationary clinic with WINGS!

We invite you to join our very special crowdfunding campaign to help us build a clinic in Antigua and save Guatemalan mothers' lives!

Part III: So what can we do about Cervical Cancer? – Methods for Screening and Treating

"The fact that precancerous diseases can be so easily treated when abnormal conditions are identified early on, makes the mortality rate from this preventable cancer all the more unnecessary and tragic." Read more.

Part II: The Role of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in Cervical Cancer

"The sexual taboo that comes along with the infection makes it much harder to deal with appropriately; social awareness, and accessible, realiable and adequate information and screening are crucial to preventing cervical cancer." Learn more about the stigmas surrounding HPV in our second cervical cancer series post.

"Cervical cancer can have devastating effects with a very high human, social, and economic cost, affecting women in their prime."

“But this disease should not be a death sentence, even in poor countries,” explains Dr Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan. Learn why it is so lethal in Guatemala, what tools are available, and what WINGS is doing to prevent cervical cancer in our 5 part series.


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